By listening to the word “diving,” all of us imagine the beauty of the underwater world, reefs, and fishes. So, where is the best place to dive? Hurghada is famous with wonderful, warm, azure blue Red Sea. Divers from all over the world come to Hurghada to dive in case if they are certified for doing so, or to learn diving as there are many high-quality diving schools in Hurghada. The underwater world of the Red Sea makes this destination especially attractive for drivers.

Best Diving Spots in and around Hurghada

There is no exact answer to the question which destinations among Hurghada, Sharm El-Sheikh or Marsa Matruh is better for diving. You’ll find that every of these places will give you an absolutely new experience of diving. Regarding Hurghada destinations, we’ll recommend the following spots as a must-try.

El Fanadir
El Fandir reef is long and narrow. It is located to the north from Hurghada. This diving spot is popular among beginners as well as among advanced divers. The main advantage of El Fanadir is that there are no underwater currents. The solid corals wall turns into a sandy slope for a 12-meter in depth, and then, in around of 20-25 meters in depth it suddenly becomes steep. However, to see the exotic living creators, there is no need to dive so deep. Throughout the length of the reef, you can find groomers, spotted stingrays, clownfish and even hammerhead shark.

Marsa Abu Galawa
It is located in about 14 km north from Hurghada. Marsa Abu Galawa is a nice destination for introductions, advanced scuba divers, and those who likes to make underwater photo and video. This dive site consists of a large reef in the north, a sandy lagoon in the center, and a small reef in the south. The depths of lagoon varies from 5 up to 30 meters. Visibility is average 5-10 meters. The fauna is represented by reef fishes, shrimps, scorpion fishes, moray eels, stingrays, glass fishes and even rare starfishes. The reef witnessed many shipwrecks. Until now, you can see at the bottom of the reef some sunken ships and yachts.

Abu Nuhas Reef
The Abu Nuhas Reef is located in the eastern part of the Gubal Channel of the Red Sea, in 11 km to the north-east from Hurghada. This is the fastest growing and most remote of all the channel's reefs. Today, the reef area is a favorite diving spot. The reef is probably the most famous place in the entire Red Sea. At the bottom of the reef, there are four sunken ships: Chrisonla K, Ghiannis D, Carnatic, and Kimon M. This reef is quite large and has a triangular shape. The sandy bottom has a depth of 18 to 35 meters. The northern slope of the reef is almost perpendicular to the direction of the waves and wind. There are barracudas, skates, lionfishes and reef perch near the reef.

Dolphin Reef
Divers from all over the world are attracted to visit Dolphin Reef due to its variety of coral reefs, and the rich underwater world. The dolphin reef is located near to Marsa Alam. It's perhaps the only place in Egypt where you can see an incredible number of dolphins.

Al Aruk
Al Aruk isn't just a comfortable location for diving. A variety of the underwater world is expecting for the divers. Diving sites usually have a period of becoming better or worse, so Al Aruk is only getting better over the years with comparing with other diving spots of Hurghada. Just don't limit yourself by diving around the pinnacles on a shallow bottom, try to swim on the depth of 3-6 meters, where there are more living corals, and colors and the underwater life is full of surprises. The diver will find here verity of fishes more than in any other dive spot.

South Abu Ramada
There are a small island and three large cliffs in the southern part of Abu Ramada. The diving spot is located to the south of this place. There is the spherical cave with numerous entrances, overgrown with a huge amount of soft corals. Divers will find in these corals cardinal fish and soldierfish. In the southwest, divers can see a lot of reef elevations attracting different kinds of fish. The sea bottom is not covered by plants and looks like the moon surface.
This place is always calm enough. The currents there are rather weak. The beauty of the underwater world is represented there by a variety of floating moray eels, butterfly fish, Napoleon fish, angelfish, sweet-hats, rhinoceros, burabuli, benthic eels, and squids.

Abu Hashish
Abu Hashish is the southernmost spot in Hurghada region. It's characterized by a large rugged terrain. The eastern wall, located at a depth of 15-20 meters, is a plateau, with a steep, but strikingly smooth falling downward. Inside the reef, there are long ergs. Dives usually occur in the southernmost part of the reef, where there is a huge abundance of stingray rays and moray eels. In the lagoon, divers can observe squid and small barracudas. In the northern direction at a depth of 30 meters, divers can find several beautiful caves. Along the inner side of the shelf, there are turtles, yellow rays, a Spanish dancer, morays, and groupers. The dive site is perfect for diving divers with different experience level. Beginners can dive in a lagoon with a sandy bottom, where is always calm and shallow, while more experienced divers in the northern part of the reef can even find a hammerhead shark. This place is very popular among techno drivers.

Big and Small Giftun Islands are a real paradise for divers. There are almost no plants on the islands, as well as on the coastal waters. Thus the water near the islands is clean and transparent. The visibility under the water reaches up to 20 meters. Underwater life is diverse and unusual. In this natural aquarium, divers can meet a variety of fishes and animals. Coral reefs, rays, moray eels, turtles, bright fish will wonder any diver. However divers have to take care of sharks who can reach these places. Advanced divers can enjoy inspection of underwater caves. The depth there reaches up to 45 meters. The Giftun Islands are a national natural park.

Um Gamar
This diving spot is located near the Um Gamar Island, in the south-eastern part of the reef. This part is closed by the island. Therefore it is well protected from winds and currents. The depth of water there is 35-40 meters. Also, there are a lot of caverns and caves that give a special relief to the spot. At 27-30 meters depth, there is a large, shallow sandy cave, which, according to the legend keeps a secret. There, divers can always meet Napoleons, moray eels, triggers, and others. Sometimes they can even see white-fronted reef sharks. Um Gamar is located at a distance from other islands and reefs, that's why fauna is absolutely special there.

The list of diving spots in Hurghada is countless. If you are certified diver, Hurghada will wonder you with exciting opportunities to enjoy the underwater world. If you are just a beginner very soon, you’ll get a wish to know more about diving or to get a certificate for more options. In this case, you’ll find lots of diving schools in Hurghada.

Diving Schools in Hurghada

Once trying to dive with an instructor, many people get a wish to dive off one's own bat. This option is available only for certified divers. To get the certificate, it is must to graduate from diving school. There are several schools very famous in Hurghada.

The most famous diving certificate offered in Hurghada diving schools is PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors). The PADI's aim is to provide the safest and most enjoyable process of diving for people with different levels of preparation. The PADI developed certain standards that divers must comply with. According to this system, first divers train in the class, then in the pool, and finally in the open water. At the end of the course, the student has to pass a theoretical exam to get your first international certificate.

Here is the list of the most famous Diving Schools in Hurghada:

Scuba Hurghada Diving Center
The diving center was founded by Dutch/Egyptian family. The diving school offers PADI certificates for students. They offer courses for adults and kids starting from 10 years old.
Dive instructors in the center speak English, Dutch, German and Arabic fluent. The daily dive starts from 35 EUR. Cost per course starts from 195 EUR.

New Son Bijoy Diving Center
This diving Center was founded in 1987. Diving instructors can teach students in English, German and Arabic languages. After the course, students may apply for PADI, CMAS, or SDI/TDI certificates.
Besides the professional diving course, the center offers snorkeling, daily diving with an instructor, night diving, etc. Most instructors have thousands of dives, some of them over the 10 thousand dives experience. New Son Bijoy Diving Center is approved by CDWS, and ISO certified, which means that they guarantee safe and professional diving.
The cost per dive starts from 15 EUR (for experienced divers), and the cost per certifying diving course starts from 195 EUR.

Ilios Dive Club
The dive center was founded in 1987 and is located in Steigenberger Al Dau Resort in Hurghada. Physically disabled people are also able to join the school since 1992. Ilios Dive Club is ISO-certified. The cost per dive starts from 35 EUR. The cost per course starts from 100 EUR (Nitrox Diver course). Junior Advanced Open Water Diver course for kids cost 220 EUR. The dive club provides with PADI certificates.

IDive Diving Center
It’s a 5 star IDC PADI diving center which is located in Makadi Bay. The diving center offers PADI courses for beginners, experts, and professionals. The school is insured by DAN Europe, and they supply students with diving equipment from Scubapro. The cost per dive starts from 44 EUR. Scuba diver course costs 165 EUR plus PADI certificate 70 EUR.

Dive Hurghada
The diving center was founded in 2011. The center focuses on recreational scuba diving. The 3-4 days diving course will cost 250 EUR plus 30 EUR for certification.

Emperor Divers
This diving school is located in El Gouna. They provide with PADI certificates in their Emperor Scuba School, entry level courses, and courses for advanced divers. It’s the only diving school in Hurghada that offers a money-back if the student didn’t like diving in his first dive. The cost of one dive starts from 55 EUR. The diving course starts from 120 EUR.

All listed schools provide their students with diving equipment either you join the course or have a one-day trip. Besides services provided by schools and diving centers in Hurghada, you can hire a diving instructor for the personal training. While selecting a diving coach, ask him to provide his certificates, and how many dives did he make.

Best Time to Dive in Hurghada

In winter the water temperature in the Red Sea can be lower than 18 °C. Such temperature is a bit cold for diving. If you still decided to visit Egypt in January or February, you still can dive just take on a thermo shirt under your dive suit. For the coldest season, it is better to select dive suit that fully covers the body with the fabric thickness 7 mm. Overall, this suit will be recommended to wear from November till the middle of March.
From the second half of the March till May, and in September – October, when the water temperature ups to the 23-26°C, the thickness of the dive suit fabric will be enough 5 mm.

Summer in Egypt is very hot, for many divers, it can be the reason to not come to Hurghada. The water in that times reaches up to 30 °C. If you decided to dive in Hurghada in summer, prepare dive suit with short sleeve and pants with the 3 mm fabric thickness.

Once you decide to join any of Hurghada diving schools or just to have a diving trip, remember to consult your doctor. It’s categorically forbidden to dive for people with cold or flu, hypertension, nose injuries, other cases with breathing difficulty, hernia, or blood viscosity violation.

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