Why should I choose Hurghadas.com?
Hurghadas.com is a human edited, SEO friendly web directory. We only add quality sites to the directory. Unlike some web directory that adds submitted sites automatically or simply just a link farm, we provide quality links for our visitors to receive the best information from us.

How long does it takes for a site to be approved?
Usually approximately 5 business days.

Why do we charge from a fee to submit a site?
It cost to operate and to keep the web directory running. However, we do charge a very minimum fee only. Premium pay site last much longer than free or web directory as operation cost is covered by submitted sites.

How often do we update the site?
To ensure the quality of service, we update our site frequently. We do have plans for more features in the future to keep the web directory interactive. Any suggestions for future features are welcome.

How can I improve my site ranking from search result?
Search result depends on the keyword relevance score. Additional score can be earn by higher PageRank, sponsor listing and submission date. More factors will be use to determine your site ranking in the future. Sites with higher result ranking are most likely willing to input more effort on Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

What should I do if I have more questions?
You can send us an E-mail.