Tourists are attracted to visit Hurghada due to the crystal blue Red Sea, clean sandy beaches, palms, summer all the year, and of course reasonable prices for all inclusive hotels. However, if you come for more than a week to Hurghada, you might be bored to stay all the day laying near swim pool in a hotel. If you are Hurghada resident, or just new to the city, and think about what to do, this article will be useful for you too.

Hurghada has dozens of attractions and activities to have an unforgettable time at the Red Sea resort.

Hurghada Beaches

Hurghada beaches are famous by gently sloping sandy beaches, minimum of corals near the coast, calm sea, even in windy weather, and a cool breeze that saves tourists in the hot summer.

Be sure that in Hurghada you’ll find the beach that will match your criteria: there are big and small beaches, from not expensive public beaches up to the luxury beaches, and even you can enjoy the beach by applying for the day use in a hotel.

As a general rule, beaches have common characteristics based on the area. You’ll find inexpensive and even free beaches in Dahar area. Usually, on Dahar beaches, you’ll find local people rather than tourists, so you expected to follow some dress code. As an example, a girl in a bikini will be recommended to wear T-shirt above unless she wants to have an extra attention on the beach.

Arabia beaches are big, with sandy beaches, and not expensive. If you are lucky, on the Arabia beaches, you can even see dolphins. At night beaches there work as café. You can set and drink tea directly near the sea.

Beaches on Sheraton are usually small, the main disadvantage of beaches there that all of them have yachts, and thus at morning, and at evening when yachts back, the sea is dirty and oily from yachts’ pollutions. Due to the low cost and location in the center of the city, beaches on Sheraton are often crowded, so you have to come earlier to find the free place. Some beaches at night work as night clubs.

El-Kawther is known by its expensive beaches. Actually, there is nothing special on the beaches there. The only difference is the category of people visiting that beaches, as not everyone wishes to pay the price five times higher than equal beaches on Sheraton.

El Kawther and Magawish area have several hotels offering beach use. That will cost more than visiting private beaches, but you’ll get extra services, such as swim pool, towel, and soft drinks in some hotels.

Must Visit Places

There are several places must see in Hurghada. If you didn’t visit Dahar, Marina, Mamsha and Senzo Mall, you still don’t know the city. Let’s get a look on Hurghada sightseeing step by step.

Dahar (Old City)
Every city tour in Hurghada contains visiting Dahar area, also known as Downtown. You can come there by yourself on a public bus or by taxi. Tourists are interested in visiting this place first of all because of Dahar market. You can buy fruits there, clothes, and souvenirs two times cheaper than in touristic shops. Be ready to negotiate for the better price! Visiting Old City, don’t forget to buy exotic spices. Besides shopping, this area is interesting due to the big Coptic Church, called “St. Shenouda Cathedral” located there. For Muslim tourists will be interesting to visit there Abdel Moneim Reyad Mosque. Since 1970 when it was built, for a long time it was a symbol of the city. Dahar is a small reflection of real Egypt.

Hurghada Marina
Marina is a luxury center of the city. Surrounded by sea on one side, and fish market with the fish restaurant from another side, Marina has an absolutely different atmosphere. This place is really one of the calmest and cleanest places in the city. There you can walk, and enjoy life music from cafes. The prices in Marina cafes are a bit higher than in other city cafes but it worse, as you’ll enjoy the sea view and music. Some cafes have billiard. Kids will also like this place, as there are cafes with kids’ play zone. In Marina, you’ll find one of the most famous clubs in Hurghada, called Papas Beach Club. By the way, Marina at night and day time are two different places. Highly recommend coming here before sunset to catch two different Marina! In 2012 next to Marina was build Mina Masque. Every day, hundreds of people visit this mosque to pray, and non-Muslim visitors come there to wonder the modern Arabic architecture. This place can be called as a modern symbol of Hurghada. From the seaside, you’ll recognize two high minarets of this mosque. Between Marina and Mina Mosque is located a fish market. If you like seafood, it worth to visit. There you’ll find any kind of the Red Sea fishes by reasonable price. By the way, for the small fees, the fish can be cooked for you right there.

Mamsha Promenade
Mamsha is a long street surrounded by 4-5 stars’ hotels and souvenir shops. The same as Marina, the area has huge amounts of cafes and is really green by beautiful palms, flowers, and giant cacti. In difference with Marina cafes on Mamsha have more local style, with local music, and on the “important matches” days all cafes will be filled by football fans. Mamsha is one of the most favorite places for tourists as well as for Egyptian families. Mamsha is always full of kids, riding, and driving little cars.

Senzo Mall
If you want to buy something and don’t know where to find it, go to Senzo Mall. The mall contains big gourmet store, called Spinneys, and different world famous brands of clothes. Also, there are several cafes there and Shahryar Restaurant. The restaurant has every Friday night show with singer and belly dancer. The singer sings in Arabic and English, and belly dancers are so talented, that life in restaurant stops while she dances, all guests and even restaurant staff are looking at her. Another reason to visit Senzo Mall is the beautiful nature. Several fountains surround the mall, and it’s the best place in Hurghada to see the sunset!

Hurghada Attractions & Activities for Kids

Hurghada is first of all associated with the Red Sea. Thus, most of the time kids will enjoy playing on the beach and swimming in the sea. Beaches in Hurghada are safe for kids, as the sea isn’t deep even far from the coastline, and waves are very small. Some beaches have kids’ playground. Remember, that entrance on most of the beaches for kids up to 8 years old are for free.

Kids will be interested in informative trips. Every child will be excited to be introduced to the sea world from the boat with glass button. The tour on the boat let guests of the city see the corals and variety of the Red Sea world without wearing diving equipment.

If your child is interested in Hurghada’s underwater world, then for sure you have to show him Hurghada Grand Aquarium. Don’t worry it’s not a boring walking near aquariums with fishes but a day full of adventures for kids, as well as for adults.

Near the Grand Aquarium Hurghada is located sand museum. All items there are created by compressed sand and water. Although there is no rainy season in Hurghada, these figures are designed such way that they wouldn’t be destroyed by wind or rain. You’ll see there small copies of Sphinx, Cairo pyramids, scenes from history, and even popular cartoon heroes. Don’t forget headwear and sunglass to enjoy your time in the open air museum. There are some figures up to 10 meters high represented there.

If your little one prefers to have active time, then he’ll be in love with Hurghada’s aqua parks. The most popular aqua parks of Hurghada are Titanic, Jungle Park, and Sindbad.

Add to your schedule visiting bowling center in Hurghada. Bowling, billiard, table tennis, and many different video games are available there to make your kid wish to stay there all the time. Important to note that adults also find interesting activities there. After your child is tired of playing, you can relax in café which offers special kids meals.

Hurghada Night Life

Hurghada really wakes up at night. After the hot sunny days, guests and residents of the city go outside to walk, shopping, and of course to discover what means the Night Hurghada. After sunset whenever you’ll go, you’ll listen to music for every taste. Hurghada became the city of light.

Night clubs programs as usual starts at 10-11 PM. Most of the clubs offer ladies nights 2-3 times per week. Ladies night in Hurghada doesn’t include only free entrance but also free drinks.

If you are party goer, you can visit several places in one night. If you are looking for something special, then you can contact prior your favorite clubs in order to know their program for tonight.

There are two the most popular placed welcoming those who prefer not to sleep at night but to have fun. There Papas Beach Club and Little Buddha. Papas Beach Club is an open air club with the pool inside, cool music, and talented DJs. Little Budha is a two flours night club in Asian design, and tastiest sushi in Hurghada.

One of the new nightclubs is Embassy night club. It’s small but comfortable beach located club. They have regularly lady nights and foam parties.

Color Beach Club is known for its pool parties. In the glamour atmosphere of the club, you’ll have unforgettable quality time. Regularly club prepares different thematic parties, including DJ battles.
Also, you can visit White Beach Club, Galaxy Disco, or Calypso.

Egyptian people are very friendly, so even if you came to Hurghada alone, don’t hesitate to come to the club alone, be sure you’ll back home as a person who has many friends in the city.

Whenever you stay in Hurghada, be sure maximum 10 minutes far from your location you’ll find a party every night.
So, what are you waiting for? Hurghada isn’t a place to stay at home, go and dance till the morning!

Cafes and Bars in Hurghada

There is a really countless amount of cafes, bars, and restaurants in Hurghada. Pros: you will not be hungry as there is any type of world available cuisine represented in Hurghada. Cons: even if you stay in Hurghada year, you will not be able to visit all the cafes in the city so much they are.

While selecting the place, first of all, answer the question, do you plan just to have a meal or you plan to have romantic dinner or maybe to have fun with your friends.

There are hundreds of small cafes where you can try local cuisine, and even if you used to eat fast food, in Hurghada, you are able to try KFC, McDonald's, Burger King, Pizza Hut, etc.

If you plan to have a romantic time, so better select the place with the sea view. The ideal option would be any café or restaurant on Marina.

Must try in Hurghada is a seafood restaurant. One of the most famous fish restaurants in Hurghada is Star Fish Restaurant. There you can order different kinds of fish, pasta, and salads. You can select any fish available, and the chef will cook it especially for you. Also, there are Mina restaurant, El Joker, Fish House, etc.
While selecting meals on the menu, if your budget is limited, remember that they may add VAT and tax services, in general up to plus 25%.

Hurghada Sports Activities and Attractions

Hurghada is the city where you can select any sports activity from early morning till deep night. Just imagine to wake early morning and run on the seafront. You’ll find many people running on the sunrise time. The air at this time is especially fresh, there is no crowd on streets, and you listen only singing birds. The same as in all over the world there are several gym and fitness centers with modern equipment. However, there are some types of activities that you can try only in Hurghada.

Water Sports and Attractions

Even if you just once visited the beach in Hurghada, you know how many yachts there are in the sea. Interesting to note that most of them have different destinations and even different types of activities.

Hurghada’s cost line is surrounded by several big and small islands. Every island provides different interest for the tourist. Some island is interesting for divers and snorkelers. Some are interesting to visit due to its paradise appearance.

As an example, there are dozens of yachts everyday travel to Giftun Island. The tour starts at morning; you’ll have all the day to open sea. The yacht stops two times near coral reefs, so with snorkeling equipment, you can see absolutely unique kinds of fish that you’ve never seen before. In the middle of the day, you’ll have a stop on the Island. You can sunbathe on the white sandy beach.

Very interesting trip is a tour to Utopia Island. This place is a very popular among tourists due to the stories around the magic power of the sand there. Some people believe in the curative property of the sand. There you’ll see people covering the full body with sand in order to be healthier. Laying on the sand there, you’ll really feel the improvement of the power. The tour there isn’t always available, as from time to time the Red Sea covers the island fully with water.

Another popular water trip is visiting Dolphin House. It’s really very excited and unforgettable experience to swim with dolphins. Dolphins are very friendly there, they swim, just out of the water, and seems like play with tourists.

If you want to have fun in the sea, select trips that include banana entertainment. Even if you are an adult person, the banana trip will make you feel a little baby.

Some islands are favorite places for divers. In Hurghada, there are so much diving schools, diving spots, and amazing diving spots that this city can be called as a capital of diving. If you don’t have the diving experience yet, it’s not a problem, with Hurghada’s experienced instructors everyone can dive!

For the wind lowers kitesurfing and windsurfing also available in Hurghada. Residents and guests of the city can have course, or just take one-two lessons to feel the power of the wind on the sea.

Parasailing is a kind of extreme water sports. You’ll fly on the parachute above the see connecting with the boat.

This type of activity give the maximum amount of adrenaline, and at the same time let you enjoy the Hurghada view.

One more interesting and unusual water activity in Hurghada is riding horses in the sea. It’s absolutely different feelings comparing with riding on the land!

Non-Water Sports and Attractions

Hurghada is interesting not only by the Red Sea but also by desert around the city.

Discover the Hurghada desert by Safari tours. There are two kinds of safari tours. One is with visiting Bedouins village and one without.

For those who are looking only for driving quadricycles, will be interesting quadra tours. Say “Hello” to the sun in the desert on the sunrise time, or say “Goodbye” to the sun on the sunset.

By visiting Bedouins village, you’ll discover how to live as Bedouin; you will even ride the camel. At the end of the day, artists will wonder you with local art.

Also, you can try to bike on the high speed on the desert.

If you become interested in Egyptian art, you can visit the “Alf Leila we Leila” show. Within three hours artists will demonstrate you the Egyptian history.

Shopping in Hurghada should be classified as a special type of activity. Hurghada will be a favorite place for the shopaholic, as shopping is available there almost for 24 hours. Four souvenir shopping is recommended to visit Sheraton Street. Apart from souvenirs, you can buy Arabic sweets on this street. Local shops are available in Dahar. Main shopping rule in Hurghada is to remember that shops located on the hotel area usually have higher prices than outside the hotel. So, take your time walking discovering the city and of course for shopping. The second rule is barging for the better price: if you find something you like, don’t hurry up to buy the item, ask in 3-4 stores for the same or equal item, then ask to sell it for a better price. If you think about what to buy from Egypt as a souvenir, papyrus can be universal present for men as well as for women. Your female friends will be happy to get perfume oil as a present. If you decided to buy oil, first apply oil on your hand and see how long time the smell will stay with you, and only after that select the aroma. Perfumes will be provided in beautiful glass bottles designed in an oriental style.

Egyptian alabaster is another kind of souvenir, or you can buy it as decoration for your home. Egyptians for more than 4000 years are producing items from alabaster. Visit Khan El Khalili shops for the real handmade items. Many handmade shops have a master in front of the shop creating items.

If you think that you’ve seen everything in Hurghada, you can have trips around Egypt. Visit Alexandria to see the world miracle Alexandria library. Discover the capital of Egypt Cairo with famous pyramids and Egyptian museums. Feel yourself archeologist, and learn Egyptian pharaohs’ life in Luxor, Aswan, and while the Nile tour. Also, there are several ancient monasteries and mosques near Hurghada. Have a religious tour to St. Paul’s and/or St. Anthony’s Monasteries.

Hurghada is still a young city in the tourism world. However, you can see how many attractions and activities there in the city which since 1980-1990 became a resort from a fishing village.

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