If you are staying in Hurghada and you don’t have your own car making use of the taxis is something you will need to do.

This can be an unpredictable and sometime a nerve wrecking experience as the drivers on Hurghada roads (and Egypt in general) have their own way of driving. You might find yourself with a formula 1 driver or if you are lucky a calm relaxed driver. Some taxi drivers can speak English and are rather pleasant, while other can’t speak a word. Even when they seem pleasant, the end of the trip can end with a bad feeling so you need to keep your wits about you.

Here are some of our tips
Always, always agree the fee BEFORE you even get in the car and know your rates

From the airport you can agree between 50-100 LE / Egyptian Pounds to get to your hotel.
Any more than that to most areas of Hurghada is not a good deal at all. Be sure to agree in LE and get them to repeat it as it’s a common trick for them to be aggressive once you are there and convince you that you agreed the price in Euro or Sterling.

The basic price to get around Hurghada is 20 LE / Egyptian Pounds. This will cover trips linking the three areas. El Kawser in the middle, south is the hotels such as Grand Plaza, Hilton and Steinberger and north is Sheraton Road and Maria. To go from the north to the South expect pay twice that.
These prices are a guide only, but 20 LE is a fair price and a good staring rate and can in most cases be agreed.

Be sure to ALWAYs keep a lot of 10 LE notes with you so you have the exact money as agreed when you get into the taxi

Know the scams!

1. The “Piastes notes” trick
Concededly (or by design I sometimes wonder) with Egyptian money their equivalent of a 50p coin comes in a 50 Piasters note. And same thing with a 20 Piasters note. For foreigners who are not familiar with the money this can be a great way for them to make a bit extra by short changing you.
Study the notes when you first get to Egypt so you don’t get caught out with this one.

2. They ask “to give change please” money trick
They ask you for a 100 note and offer money in notes, but less your fair. Unfortunately the notes are given back to you in a way that is quickly count to check if you have the correct change. Sometimes there is a 20 of the top and they are loaded with a lot of 1 LE notes (or Piasters) to bulk it up. Then if you notice the problem it’s too last as he has your 100 note and the more you argue the more aggressive the driver can be and seems to take offence. This is all part of the act and most people will just walk away leaving the driver with the extra money to avoid to hassle of arguing.
If you see this trick coming, just politely say it’s ok you have the exact money only, no other money, and then they will give up.

3. The “you have given me the wrong money” trick
As you get out they tell you that the money you have given them is wrong. Suddenly it’s magically turned into Piasters or the note is wrong. For this one just walk away, providing you are sure you have given the correct fare as agreed.

Be sure to always keep 10 LE notes with you so you have the exact money as agreed when you get into the taxi and you should never run into any problems.

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